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Company center

Taizhou Tianyang Electrical co.,LTD

Taizhou Tianyang Electrical co.,LTD. Is located in Shangma industrial Zone,Shitang Town,Wenling City,Zhejiang Province,covering an area of 15,000 square meters.Our Company has over 30 years experience in mold design and exploition. “DEZHI”and“AQUALEADER” are our.and working pressure from 4bar to 25bar. proprietary brand of our company.We have produced pressure tank for more than 20 years.Available volumes range from 0.5 to 1500 liters.heating systems,boiler syatems,high solar energ systems and fire control systems.Our products are applied to pump systems .Our products are exported to numerous overseas clients.We can design and .We can custom design and manufacture products according to client-supplied requirements.
We adhere to the business philosphy”Credibility,Quality and service”,our scientific management is based on the domestic market, but facing to the world.Warmly welcome customers both domestic and from abroad.We sincerely hope to cooperate and develop together to create a better future.
Taizhou Tianyang Electrical Co.,Ltd. is always your most loyal partner.
Taizhou Tianyang Electrical co.,LTD
Development history
Taizhou Tianyang Electrical co.,LTD. was founded in 1994 by Mr. Lian Junbo. The predecessor of the company was registered as Wenling Xiechang light industrial machinery fittings factory in 2007, it was renamed Taizhou Tianyang electromechanical Co., Ltd. the following is the development history of our company.


by Mr.Lian jun bo in 1994

Tianyang's founder, JUNBO LIAN, built a specialized lab dedicated to the research and development of expansion tanks. During that period, expansion tanks were already in widespread use in Europe and other countries, whereas the Chinese were still using conventional bladder-less diaphragm tanks. Neither green nor health. And it also had large energy consumption.

With the increase of sales of expansion tank, more and more people were finding out products to be a step above common items on the market. Our campany successful develop the first TY-05 series. Green science and technology get the market immediately warm response.

Today, Tianyang is still making efforts to improve the expansion vessels to meet the requirment of clients.

Tianyang purchased a tinplate factory in the city of Wenling to accommodate an increased market demand. This acquisition represented a huge step forward in productivity and quality.

Tianyang set up a foreign trade department dedicated specifically to overseas market development, helping sell products to international customers.

The company hired experts to work in the rubber research and development department. Through repeated trial and error. Tianyang's professional fields. The same year, two new products(the high temperature resistant synthetic rubber and corrosion resistant rubber)were created and later put into widespread use.

Taizhou Tianyang Electrical Co., Ltd. Was formally established. After 12 years development, the company had set up two offices in Shanghai and invested in 2 new production facilities.

Tianyang passed ISO9001 quality management system certification.

The third phase factory construction project was completed. The newly built factory covered 6000㎡ ,for a high automated production.

We officially applied for the honor of Provincial Level High Tech enterprise and received a number of patents for our expansion vessels.

The company introduced automatic production lines from foreign countries, in an attempt to fully automate production.

Our company attended 8 overseas product show and include the domestic design. Meanwhile, we attended 20 products show from home and abroad in 2014. We show the products to our customers coming from all over the world and we also share the valuable information to our agent.


It has been in a leading position in the industry in the in design, production, innovation, environmental protection.

We sincerely hope to cooperate, develop together and create a better future together.